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Hollywood Studios Look - by guest stylist Molly

Hollywood Studios Look - by guest stylist Molly


It's Springtime @ Disney World! 


Welcome to your complete capsule wardrobe for your upcoming Spring trip to Disney World & Sailing away on a Disney Cruise!

My goal with this capsule is to give you a complete comprehensive wardrobe that is both comfy, cute and size inclusive. All items you see listed I either own or have been tested out to confirm they fit plus size girlies as well as straight size! Time to live your best life at Disney in both Style AND Confidence! 

(This collection was lovingly created by special guest stylist @mollykaynelson)


This outfit includes links to:

*One pair of ears

*One fanny pack

*One bodysuit (sizing from XS-XXL)

*One button-down shirt (sizing from XS-4X)

*One pair of jean shorts (straight sizing from 0-15; plus sizing from 16-30)

*One pair of shoes


You will receive a PDF of this exact look with each item linked directly to the individual retailer, so all you have to do is “click” and “add to cart”.


*Every listing within this section is for a digital download only and not any physical items.


**Please note: Sometimes links break or a supplier will update their product. If something isn’t working after purchasing, PLEASE let us know, and we will send you an updated link or a link to an alternate item when applicable.

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