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If you're planning a trip to Disney or Universal, the process can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, custom outfit planning is the perfect way to ensure that you look and feel great throughout your vacation. With custom outfits, you can incorporate your favorite characters, colors, and themes into your clothing, creating a unique and personalized look. By working with us, you can tailor everything from hats and t-shirts to shoes and accessories, ensuring that your style matches your personality and the magic of the parks! With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can have the perfect wardrobe for your next Disney or Universal adventure.



The Full Look is comprised of virtually assembled clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. to create a complete outfit. The sky is the limit on what we can search for! Included with your purchase is a slide of “Magical Extras” with fun, bonus items we think you will like, along with our curated list of Useful Items that we have found extremely helpful on our own trips!

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The Perfect Pair consists of 1 Full Look and 1 Mini Look. The Full Look offers a complete head-to-toe outfit, while the Mini Look allows you to select the 4 specific items you would like us to search for. Whether you're visiting the parks with your sweetheart or heading out with your bestie, the two looks can be coordinated to create one cohesive theme. Or, you can utilize both looks just for yourself!



The Happily Ever After Bundle includes 1 Full Look, along with 3 Mini Looks. For each of the Mini Looks, you will be able to select the 4 specific items you would like us to search for. This option works very well for families, and each of the looks can be coordinated to create one cohesive theme. Or, if you are just in need of 4 outfits for yourself, this can be a great choice as well!

Happily Ever After Bundle
Happily Ever After Bundle
Happily Ever After Bundle
Happily Ever After Bundle

What happens after I make my purchase?

Tell Us About Yourself

After purchasing, you will receive an order confirmation email that contains a link to our comprehensive style survey. This information is of the utmost value to us in ensuring that we are truly understanding your needs and reflecting your personality in the items we select. We will then meet via Zoom for an approximately 15 minute long Discovery Call scheduled for the time of your choosing. During this time, we will formulate our exact plan and relay any other pertinent information before getting to work!

We Create Your Looks

Once we have completed the Discovery Call, we will begin shopping and virtually assembling your look! Everything will be clearly organized and personalized to your preferences and vacation needs. On average, we will be able to have your look(s) finished and ready for viewing within about 10-15 business days from the time of our Discovery Call.

Review Our Selections

Once everything is completed, we will send your PDF via email, and each item will be embedded with a direct link to the retailer! If you feel that we have missed the mark in any way, or, if there are just a few things you would like us to tweak, this is the opportunity to contact us for a one-time revision on any element of your purchased looks.

Shop Your Favorites

If a revision is needed, we will have any changes sent back to you within 5 business days. After that, you are free to begin the experience of easy, stress-free shopping! There is no obligation to buy anything that we recommend for you, and it is completely up to you what and when you decide to purchase!

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