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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you buy the clothes for me?
    Not at this time. But we give you direct links to all of the items we find for you!
  • Am I obligated to buy everything that is recommended for me?
    Not at all! You only buy what you want, when you want. We also can incorporate items that you already own!
  • Can I just purchase one day of outfits?
    Absolutely! We can help you plan outfits for one specific day, your whole trip or anything in-between. It’s up to you!
  • Where do you shop for the items you suggest?
    Where we shop is based on each client’s individual style preference, so we really pull from all over. But we LOVE supporting small shops when we can!
  • How far in advance of my trip should I reach out to you?
    We recommend that you book with us about 2-3 months prior to the date of your trip. This is to help ensure that items will be in stock, as well as match up seasonally. However, we might still be able to work with you even if you have a shorter time frame depending on our availability. Just email or message us to ask, and we will do our best to accommodate!
  • How soon can I expect to receive my PDF of looks?
    If you have purchased one of our pre-styled Templates, you will receive an instant download of a PDF with every item shown. For our Custom Services, the average turnaround time is about 10-15 business days from the time of the completed Discovery Call. If you are not sure if that will allow enough time for you to order and receive any items you decide to buy, please message us before proceeding!
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