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Festival of the Arts Outfit Inspiration

Whether you're looking to channel your inner Disney princess or express your artistic side, our blog has something for everyone. So, whether you're attending the festival with friends or family, you'll be sure to make a statement with your outfit.

Need a few ideas for a Festival of the Arts ensemble? Read on to learn more about some of our current favorite pieces!

Epcot’s Festival of the Arts is underway! This beautiful festival at Walt Disney World celebrates the visual arts, culinary arts, and musical arts and runs through February 20th. It features a Disney Broadway concert series, artists that can you watch create LIVE, and let’s not forget the food!

This is one of my favorite festivals for many reasons, but most of all, I love the style that comes from it! When we get a client who wants an outfit for this event, I am ecstatic! This festival usually brings out lots of bright colors, and with Figment as the star of the show, we also expect to see lots of lavender! So, we have gathered some of our favorite items from small shops and a few big-box stores to help spark your imagination and get you styled for this exciting occasion!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

If you are looking for a comprehensive outfit, head here! We put together this outfit with plenty of options for you to mix and match accessories to fit your style preference! You can purchase and download this template for a quick, cute Festival look!

Now let’s look at some individual pieces below!

Let’s start with tops: Rainbows, Bob Ross, and Figment. What else could you want from a festival shirt? 4 out of 5 of these tops are from small shops that we have personally purchased from and love! We added some sweatshirts because we know January can be chilly in Florida, especially in the evening.

  1. Figgy Bob Ross - Once Upon a Tee Shirt (comes in multiple colors)

  2. One Little Spark - The FMLY Shop

  3. Rainbow Figment - The Pocketeers (comes in multiple colors)

  4. Arts Festival Bucket List - Polka Dot Pixie Shop ( comes in multiple colors)

Hair accessories are a perfect way to add a little flair to your outfit. We love these options because they are colorful and unique. This festival is the PERFECT excuse to wear a beret if ears aren’t your thing! Ashlie also prefers knotbands over ears when at the parks, and this one from Chronicles of a Pixie is an excellent choice. Her bands are versatile, so if you are an ears person and want this print, you can take the bow off and add them to a pair of ears!

  1. Figment Floral Ears - Bonny Top (they light up AND are double-sided!)

  2. Festival of Imagination Ears - Fairy Tale Wish Designs (You can use FairytaleVictoria15 for 15% off)

  3. Figment Festival Ears - Shimmering Ever After

  4. Pastel Rainbow Beret - Rose and Thorn Ears

  5. Rainbow Heart Bowband - Chronicles of a Pixie

When choosing jewelry options, we like to find pieces that you can rewear at the parks or at home. For example, we love the earrings from Great Big Back of Trinkets because you can wear those to any day at Epcot! And we really couldn’t be more obsessed with the Figgy popcorn bucket earrings from Magic by Bri!

  1. Epcot Symbol Earrings - Great Big Bag of Trinkets

  2. Heart Charm Necklace - Bella Notte Magic

Bags are my biggest weakness. I love them all. Mini backpacks, fanny packs, crossbodies, I love them equally. And you cannot go wrong with any of these choices. Sew Minnie Style is a GREAT shop to find unique Disney-inspired purses! They are larger than they appear. I will also link my TikTok to show you what you what you can fit inside of it! I purchased the Daisy bag last year and LOVE it!

  1. Artist Palette Crossbody - Sew Minnie Style

  2. Figment Wristlet - Sew Minnie Style

  3. Art Fanny Packs - Best Day Ever

  4. One Little Spark Fanny Pack (pre-order) - Makers of Magic and Wishes

People often feel intimidated by dresses and skirts at Disney. They sometimes associate it with being uncomfortable for walking around at a park. But I highly recommend them! You can dress either option down with a pair of white sneakers or even a cute baseball hat. Just make sure you wear slip shorts underneath!

And finally, here are some options for those who enjoy a more subtle nod to the festival. These items are great for anyone who still wants to participate in the theming of the festival, but isn’t into bright or bold options!

  1. Mickey Paint Palette Shirt - Polka Dot Pixie Shop

  2. Mona Lisa Mouse - Once Upon a Tee Shirt

  3. The Spark Tee - The Wonder Studio Co

  4. Throwback Dad Hat - Goodies Goodies Design

  5. Imagination Pavilion Hat - Dis Basic Bee

This insanely fabulous festival runs such a short time. If you are lucky enough to catch it, remember to just have fun! With this theming being centered around art, I think it’s important to remember that YOU are a work of art no matter what you wear!

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