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Super Mario Bros. Accessories

Get ready to power up your fashion game with Super Mario accessories for Super Nintendo World!

When it comes to dressing up for your favorite Mario Bros. character the basics are pretty simple. But if you really want to take your Super Mario Brother outfit to the next level for Universal’s newest theme park addition, you'll need some accessories. From purses to headbands, these items will help you really capture the essence of these iconic video game characters.

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But first, if you are looking for a complete Mario inspired outfit, you can head here! You can purchase and download either of these templates for a quick and fun look!

While there aren’t a lot of Super Mario Brother-inspired jewelry options out there, we’ve found some pretty great small shops that carry unique designs. You can find pieces that feature the classic 8-bit designs, or you can go with pieces that are more modern and abstract. Bags, earrings and bracelets can be a subtle way to add touch of your favorite Super Mario character to your outfit. These fun accessories feature the iconic characters or symbols from the game, such as Mario, Luigi, or mushrooms.

These adorable Super Mario accessories can be found from small and big shops alike. Click the links below to shop!

Bags Nintendo Switch Case (This can be used a sling bag!) Mushroom Shaped Crossbody Mario Kart Wheel Crossbody ( I’ve also seen this on Target, so if you have a Red Card, you can use your 5% discount!) Danielle Nicole x Nintendo Super Mario Round Obstacles Crossbody Super Mario Brothers Red and Blue Mini Backpack Merchandise Jewelry Mario and his Star Question Box Earrings Chain Chomp Nintendo Drop Earrings Super Mario and Luigi Characters Metal Enamel Studs Game Controller Earrings Lead and Nickel Free Fishhooks Toad, Coin, Question Box, & Star Stud Earrings Power Up Star Beaded Bracelets Princess Peach Necklace A Super Mario hat or headband is a great and easy way to add a fun touch to your outfit. From embroidered hats, to glitter bows, there are plenty of options for any gender and age. We also loved these fun sunglasses. The pink and gold ones really gave us Princess Peach vibes!


Headbands & Barrettes

Gamer Bowband (Use code OUAWPIXIES for a discount)


By incorporating these accessories into your Super Mario look, you can create a fun and memorable costume that pays homage to these iconic video game characters while also showing off your own unique style. Looking for some shirts to match these items? Click the button to see our post on Super Mario shirts for all ages!

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