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Super Nintendo World Style Inspiration

Looking for the perfect Super Mario Bros. shirt for your next visit to Super Nintendo World? From classic Mario and Luigi designs to more modern designs featuring characters like Bowser and Yoshi, these shirts are perfect for any Super Mario fan.

Get ready to level up! Universal Studios Hollywood’s newest land opens this week! As a millennial who spent many years saving Princess Peach and using red shells to take out my rivals on Mario Kart, I am very excited to say the least.

If you are headed to Universal to check out this new experience, we rounded up some shirts that would be a perfect fit for meeting Mario or visiting Toad’s Cafe!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

Small Shop Roundup - One of the many reasons we love small shops is that your looks are sure to be unique. If you are looking for a bright yet subtle option, Once Upon a Tee’s Pocket Retro Video Game Tee is the way to go. We love the sleekness of Kadra Shop’s Mario outline design. If you are looking to channel some villain energy, both Higher Fructose’s Wario and Waluigi Kart Shirt and Ned Fuel’s Block Head Tees are perfect options. But if you’re anything like me, you’re really looking for that princess power. We are completely obsessed with the Princess All-Star Tee as it represents both leading ladies of the World of Mario. And as if I needed one more item to long for, the Daisy Bomber Racer Jacket is what dreams are made of for a Mario Kart Stan.

Amazon - Maybe you are headed to Universal within the next few weeks and outfit planning wasn’t on your list of priorities. Enter, Amazon. There are a lot of options within their site, but we liked these the best! We loved the classic vibes of these shirts. Most of them also come in multiple sizes, cuts and colors! Even though it is the most annoying item in Mario Kart, the blue shell might be my favorite from this bunch. Mario Kart is currently the only ride open in this new land, so I love the idea of bringing villain vibes within the ride!

Carter’s - Whether you have littles going with you on this vacation, or just kiddos who love Mario in general, Carter’s is a fantastic option for Mario-related items! I love these choices so much that I wish they came in Adult sizes! We broke up these items by Big Kid sizes and Toddler sizes!

No matter what you wear, you are sure to have fun exploring and playing within this new land. Remember, theme park fashion doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to make you smile!

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