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World Princess Week

World Princess Week is here, and what better way to celebrate than by embracing your inner royalty? Whether you're a fan of classic fairytales or modern twists, dressing up as your favorite Disney princess is a delightful way to join in the festivities. In this blog, we'll explore enchanting outfit ideas to help you channel the magic of these iconic characters.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s World Princess Week! We are celebrating with outfit ideas inspired by our favorite Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Merida.

Each princess has made a positive impact on us for different reasons. Cinderella showed us that kindness and grace can go a long way. Merida represented courage and independence. And Rapunzel ignited a new sense of adventure and discovering who we truly are.

Over the years, we’ve created so many Disney princess-inspired outfits for clients who are headed to the parks and beyond. We will break down everything from fancy to functional outfits!

Royal Elegance

These outfits might seem a bit extra, but they are perfect for anyone who wants to feel a little royal for a special occasion. Where would we don these outfits? They are perfect for formal nights on a Disney cruise or dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table. These are also great options for a special date night or occasion like a wedding if you swap out the ears with an elegant hair clip or headband.

Park Ready

We took some of the same ideas from those elegant looks and made them a bit more park-friendly. While we often go with a graphic tee when we are there, it’s important to remember not to overthink it! With Cinderella’s look, we simply took a white bodysuit and incorporated bow elements that reminded us of her pink gown. And what’s great about Cindy’s colors is that you can pull in denim for the blues! Lavender nods help pull in Rapunzel’s look. A fanny pack is one of our favorite accessories, but surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of Rapunzel ones! We took a plain fanny pack and found a patch that pulled in the greens from the shirt. Speaking of underrepresented, Merida items can be very difficult to find! We are talking shirts, bags, and ears. We were thrilled to find this beautiful Taylor Swift inspired shirt by Fitting Pieces & Co. Pink isn’t really in the Merida color palette, but we loved the combo of the pink with the blue/green color of Merida’s dress.

Past Princess Outfits

Our business is outfit planning for magical vacations. So, of course we’ve had the pleasure of putting together outfits based on Disney princesses. Here are a few of our favorites!

Disney Princesses have played such an important role in how we’ve shaped our business and continue to inspire us through our adult years. Are you in need of a Disney Princess outfit? We can help you with our Custom Services, or you can check out our Template Shop!

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