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Pixar Character Outfit Ideas

Updated: 6 days ago

Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort and Disneyland California Adventure is in full swing. This summer festival runs through August 4th and celebrates all things Pixar. We wrote a guide on unique characters and matching outfits that you can read here

I thought I would share some more outfit ideas, but these will be based around my favorite Pixar characters. These characters mean so much to me for different reasons and have been a comfort throughout different parts of my life. In true Pixar fashion, it might get a little emotional, but I will try my best to keep it fun! 


I remember watching Brave on an airplane. My husband and I were flying to the Dominican, and I hadn’t properly packed enough things to do. I was around 24, so when this movie was released, I wasn’t really going by myself to watch the newest Disney movie. I remember being captivated immediately, as during the first 5 minutes, I was sure this wasn’t just another princess movie where she is waiting for someone to rescue her. It was so refreshing to see a female figure set on rescuing herself and being in charge of her own fate. Just like every Pixar movie, I found myself sobbing at this movie, as it was the first time I was able to relate to a character so much. The storyline between Merida and her mother hit so close to home.  I could go on for another hour about why I love Merida and this movie so much, but I think you get the gist. This outfit was inspired by her love of archery, the beautiful emerald tones throughout the movie, and of course, the bears.

Disney outfit for Pixar's Merida


This might have been the first movie that made me realize that Pixar movies are unmatched. Wall-E is a movie that made you fall in love with a character who doesn’t even have dialogue. The animators created so much emotion and character development that the silence within this film was actually refreshing. The fact that they developed a movie where robots teach us that human connection is extremely important is mind-blowing. Wall-E is an example of a true hero and one that I think everyone can love. I wanted to bring in elements of space since the fire extinguisher scene is so iconic and one of my favorites! There are also some fun Buy N Large items out there that you could incorporate. My goal one day is to create a Dapper Day Wall-E look based on the Dreamlight Valley pack!

Disney Outfit for Pixar's Wall-E


How can you not love Sully? He is by far one of the most huggable Pixar characters and a really cute Meet & Greet! While I do love Monsters Inc., I REALLY love Monsters University. I love that we get to see the overall character development of Sully and Mike. We learn in Monster’s University that Sully was once selfish and entitled. I love the overall character arc we see with him, which for me, has a much bigger impact on his relationship with Boo. I love that he continues to do the right thing as an adult, despite the fact his life would be much easier if he just followed the "status quo”. He is the best Kitty with the biggest heart. This outfit is actually going to be one of my summer staples! I love these linen matching sets, and this purple one is perfect for incorporating Sully’s colors. I went with purple as opposed to teal for this just because purple looks better on me, but you would easily swap out the two!

Disney outfit idea for Pixar's Monster's Inc


I will admit that Cars is not my favorite Pixar film. NASCAR has never been an interest of mine, but my son loves these movies, so there is that. 😅 However, there IS a character that I absolutely love within this franchise, and that is Fillmore. My parents always said I had a heart like a hippie. I have always believed in equality, love, and peace. Even though Fillmore isn’t a main character, I still think he is important to these movies, as he provides us with the reminder to slow down and appreciate what you have around you. You can also get a photo with him at Walt Disney World! He is located at Art of Animation near the Cars suites!

I really love the 60’s & 70’s style, so it was too hard to narrow it down to one look. But honestly, we need more Fillmore items! It’s easy to create a retro look, but next time, I would love to be able to represent his cute face more!

Disney outfit for Pixar's Cars

I am getting ready to head to Pixar Fest with my family, and I am beyond excited to celebrate this studio. It will be our first time at Walt’s original dream, and I can’t wait to share it all with my kids. I will report back soon. 

Until then, remember, theme park fashion doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to make you smile!

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