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2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Check out our 2022 Holiday Gift Guides for your favorite Disney, Marvel or Star Wars fan!

Hey there! We’ve put together some holiday gift guides for you, our stylish friends FOR FREE! These guides will help even the most stumped of gift-givers get out of the decision rut and KNOW what to give their favorite Disney, Marvel or Star Wars fan!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

Star Wars Fan Gift Guide

Here’s the Guide breakdown:

  1. C-3PO sunglasses- Diff Eyewear

  2. Hans Shot First Hat- Friday Apparel

  3. JEDI MASTER DUFFLE BAG- Heroes and Villains

  4. Ewok Drop Earrings- Femdebloom


  6. RD-D2 Necklace- Couture Kingdom

  7. The Force Sticker- Beyond the Gift SHop

  8. boba tea keychain- far far away factory -

  9. Galactic Skirt- Amazon

  1. Infinity Stones Ring-Ophry’s Art Store

  2. Alligator Loki Shirt- Sam’s Apparel Art

  3. Black Panther Necklace - Girls Crew

  4. Superhero Whiskey Decanter Set- Alice Wooden Crafts (Ukraine)

  5. Assemble BellaBand- Bella Notte and Co

  6. Why Is Gamora? Art Print- catherinelashley

Princess Vibes Gift Guide Breakdown:

  1. Moana Necklace- Couture Kingdom

  2. Crown of Your Dreams Necklace- Fintastic Configuration

  3. Magic Wand Earrings- Daisy and Fox

  4. Woman Up Headband- Geekily Ever After

  5. Inspire Me Bath Bomb- Bombs Away Bathtime

  6. Castle Mouse Ear Clip Holder- Magical Designs By Kim

  7. Polish Up Cindy Tee- Third Wish Designs

  8. Princess Books Glass- Makers of Magic and Wishes

Main Street Magic Guide breakdown:

  1. Main Street USA Shirt- SouvenearWDW

  2. Main Street Magic Hair Clips- My Sister Made These

  3. Star Stud Earrings- Flashy Studio NYC

  4. Magic Kingdom Map Necklace- Fintastic Configuration

  5. Be the Magic Pullover- Minimally Magic

  6. Velvet Minnie Ears- Littles Bow Shoppe

  7. Gold Minnie Claw Clips- Gussy Up Bow Co.

  8. Figment Crossbody- Sew Minnie Style

  9. Magic Kingdom Phone Case- Just Jo and Co

  10. Magical Hat- The Cozy Little Mermaid

  11. Mickey Halo Crown- Fantastic Sparkles

  12. Patch Fanny Pack- Patch Up By Linda

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