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Enchanted Mermaid Running Outfit

Enchanted Mermaid Running Outfit

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price

Make a splash at your next runDisney event with our enchanting Ariel-inspired running outfit! Dive into the magic of the sea with this meticulously designed costume that's perfect for both running and flaunting your inner mermaid. Designed with runners in mind, this outfit  prioritizes comfort and mobility without sacrificing your style! Whether you're participating in a Disney Princess Half Marathon or simply want to add some magic to your training runs, our Mermaid Magic Ariel runDisney Outfit will make you feel like you're part of Ariel's world.


This outfit includes links to:

*Four mermaid-inspired hair accessories

*Two belt bags

*Two bottoms

*Two sets of mermaid earrings

*One mermaid tank top

*One sports bra

*One pair of running shoes

*One running skirt 

*One watch band 


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